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15 Jul 2015

Should you be building mobile first?

Sophie Brown

Have you seen the June issue of Exhibition News? In it, Grant LeBoff of Sticky Marketing talks about the need for progressive event marketers to design their event websites first and foremost to give a great experience on mobile.

Now we wholeheartedly agree with Grant – in fact we’ve been banging on about mobile design for some time now.  We launched some of the industry’s first responsive event websites including 100%design and The Clothes Show. And now it’s something we offer on every event website we build.

But we think it goes beyond building a website desktop first or mobile first. We strive to build user first!  Our sites don’t just serve up re-arranged versions to mobile users – a unique design makes the most of each platform to help users get to the information they need fast.

As Grant mentions, a great user experience depends on context.  Your visitors’ requirements from your web presence and the way choose to access it will change over time as the event approaches.  For example a prospective visitor might discover your event whilst browsing on a tablet, responding to compelling calls to action and easy registration process, plan their day from their desktop using a rich and well laid out programme, then make a quick check of final details on their mobile on route to the venue.  

Unlike an online shop where different customers are at different stages of the buying process at any given time, event delegates move through a cycle together as the event nears.  Event marketers need to invest the time in evolving online content as their even approaches and attendees' needs change.

If you design with the user’s needs foremost and adapt the information you provide as your show gets closer, then we believe that’s the best way to be responsive.


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